Culture Shaping Leadership: The Servant Leader

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Dustin's Thoughts, Influence, Leadership
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Culture Shaping Leadership is needed in order to turn the tide and set the stage for a better tomorrow and future.  One thing that most people can agree on is that leaders should lead by example.  However, most leaders today tend to only lead from a top-down or very authoritative stance.  In most cases they find themselves leading from position and authority rather than from influence and strength. 

A majority of leaders today will be willing to tell you that they feel like they lead by example:  perhaps morally, regarding work ethics, professionalism, attitude,  & setting the pace.  However the truth and fact remains that the majority of leaders today, especially in the work force, do not actually get down in the trenches with the everyday employee to “work by example.”  Most employers today employ the, “do as I say” method of management and thus leadership.  Meanwhile the majority of employee’s today feel that if their management were to jump in and, “get dirty with them” they would be much more willing to do whatever that employer desired.  In Leadership the feeling or sense of camaraderie between staff and leadership will take your organization miles beyond where mere management alone would have you go.  Simply put a servant leader is a leader who leads by complete example.

Servant leadership – The truest test of a servant leader:  can you serve joyfully while being treated like a servant rather than a leader?

Servant leaders lead out of influence.  That influence is built through serving side by side those led; all the while building them and shaping them through example and consistency.  Do you desire to be a leading organization or company?  Then become a company of leaders!  Cultivate and develop your personnel!!  After all they are helping build our tomorrow and you can help shape that, today.


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